Annual FutureGas seminar

FutureGas’ annual seminar was held in September. Representatives from all parts of the gas sector were present. Over the course of two days all relevant topics for the project were discussed. Amongst the topics for debate we hybrid heating pumps, advanced mathematic modelling, hydrogen’s potential for the gas sector, how gas can contribute to the green transition and all regulatory hurdles the sector faces.

The days were packed with a mix of presentations, discussions and work shops. All Work Packages (WP’s) were thoroughly discussed by the participants, and opinions and points of view were exchanged.

The FutureGas project is starting its last phase, and all Wp’s are working towards presenting their conclusions and results next year. The participants look forward to publish their results and all necessary preliminary analysis has been done. However, there is still a lot of work to be done, before the final conclusions can be presented.

Especially formulating recommendations as to how regulations and the legal framework should be shaped to accommodate the green transition with the help of gas, is now the most pressing topic to be addressed.


A lot of exciting presentations were held during the annual seminar. Here you can find all of them.

01_FutureGas_Intro_Poul Erik Morthorst

02_Jane Glinvad FutureGas-Energiaftale

03_Peter Kristensen – Green Gas Denmark

04_Morten Stryg_Hydrogen in the future energy system

05_Anders Bavnhøj_Energinet – Alternative roads using the gas system in production of renewable fuels

06_WP1 Torben Kvist WP1 

07_WP2 Jean Schweizer_status 

08_WP3 Ahlgren & Hagos_WP3

09_WP4 Marie Münster_Gas in the Integrated Energy System

10_WP4_scenarios_Frauke Wiese

11_WP5 Buchholz & Pisinger

12_WP6 status Poul Erik Morthorst

13_WP6 Lise Skovsgaard_Supportmodels