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Cookie Policy – FUTUREGAS
March 21, 2018

Cookie Policy


A cookie is a name for a users behavior on a internet website on the users own hard drive on the users own computer. With this, the server (for example on a website) will remember the user, when the user visits the website a second time.

There won’t be gathered any personal information in a cookie, it will primarily be information on the users behavior on the website: for example a given username when logging in on a specific section of the website.

A cookie will be stored on the users hard drive together with cache files. A cookie is thereby a text-file, send to your browser from a web server and stored on your computers hard drive. You can set up your browser to inform you, whenever you receive a cookie or you can choose to turn off cookies for good.

How to reject a cookie

You can choose to reject the use of cookies on your computer by choosing the relevant set up for your browser. However, be aware, that without the use of cookies you might not be able to use to websites functions to its fullest. Since a cookie is stored at your computer as a client, it will always be possible for you to see, change or delete these cookies. We hope, that you will allow the cookies we have installed, since they will help us improve the site.

Should you wish not to receive cookies from www.futuregas.dk, it is possible in newer browsers, to choose advanced cookie set-ups under website set up and add this domain to the list of websites you want to block cookies from.

From here you will be able to delete individual cookies or all the cookies your browser has saved.

If you set up your browser to refuse cookies, you should be aware that the functionality of the website wont necessarily be proper.

How to delete cookies from your PC

In Internet Explorer, the set up for deleting cookies can be found in the menu by choosing: Functions – internet set up – delete cookies

On www.futuregas.dk the cookies is used for the purpose of optimizing the website and its functionality, in order to increase the user experience.