Energy system modelling

Rasmus Bo Bramstoft Pedersen has been working on combining energy system assessment tool Balmorel-OptiFlow and energy systems model MUSE to create even better ways of calculating the optimal form of future gas energy systems.

This he has been doing at the Sustainable Gas Institute as part of his PhD at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). In a column at SGI’s website, Rasmus explains: “To investigate the role of gas in future energy systems, you really have to understand the complete energy chain from production, via transportation and storage, to the end-consumer. This is what we are doing with the FutureGas Project, which is a project evaluating the role of gas by combining various disciplines from technical aspects to policy barriers and energy systems modelling.”

To be able to create the best modelling system, Rasmus says in his column, it is important to adopt a holistic energy system perspective. Such a perspective should account for the existing infrastructure, but also incorporate a high geographical resolution and high temporal resolution amongst others.

Rasmus expects that the combination of the models will lead “… to the socio-economic optimal system, where investments and operations optimisation is facilitated for the integrated energy system.”

You can read Rasmus’ column here.


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