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Gas strategy in new Energy Agreement – FUTUREGAS

Gas strategy in new Energy Agreement

The recently signed Energy Agreement ensures that the importance of the role of gas in the green transition is recognized. The Energy Agreement calls for a dedicated gas strategy. The results of the FutureGas projects can contribute to this strategy greatly.

All parties of the Danish parliament supported the Energy Agreement, which guarantees a continued focus on green energy solutions for Denmark. Especially relevant to mention is the call for a dedicated gas strategy, which contributes to the green transition of both transport- and energy markets.

In a column on Energy-Supply’s website, Thea Larsen, CEO at Dansk Gasteknisk Center, says: ’To develop a dedicated gas strategy is a very wise move. The Danish gas system has a great storage capacity, which is significantly bigger than the storage capacity of for example electricity. The gas system can be used to store green energy for months. This capacity needs to be exploited in an energy system, with lots of wind and sun. Therefore, we need the flexibility of large storage capacity, which the gas system can provide. This should be an integral part of a future gas strategy’

Larsen also recognizes the role of the FutureGas project in this perspective: ’The goal with FutureGas is to research, how gas can contribute an energy system that is free of the use of fossil energy. The project will amongst others highlight, how we can connect the gas system to other sectors, electricity, heat and transport. When the project ends in 2020, we will have developed models that exactly tell us, how we best can use gas in a green energy system.’

You can read the whole article on Energy-Supply’s website.

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