International delegation visits FutureGas project






In April, a delegation from the Central African country Gabon, visited the FutureGas project at DTU in Denmark as part of a study trip to Europe. At DTU they met with Marie Münster and Tara Sabbagh Amirkhizi, and Peter Kristensen from HMN Gasnet.

The delegation was in Denmark to seek inspiration and to look for best practice examples as how to make the Gabonese gas sector more competitive. The delegation consisted of eight representatives from the gas sector in Gabon, and included both representatives of the Ministry of Oil & Gas of the Gabonese Republic and the National Agency for the Promotion of Investments.

During the session, the delegation was looking to find answers to several concrete questions, such as “how can Gabon foster gas-based industrial development?” and “How can we harness gas as a bridge-energy towards a cleaner energy-mix?”.


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