Remember the green gas in the future energy system

Three partners in the FutureGas project, Nature Energy NGF, HMN Naturgas and Danish Gas Distribution, are underlining the importance of remembering the gas sector in the future energy system. In Denmark we have ambitious goals for a fossil free future – but green gas is not sufficiently a political priority, they say.

It will be a big mistake to phase out the usage and dependence of gas in the future energy system. Recent calculations show, how it will be possible to cover the entire gas consumption of Denmark with fossil free green gasses by 2035 – one of the many aspects, which qualifies green gasses as a useful energy source that supports the green transition in every way.

This is the strong message from the CEOs of Nature Energy NGF, HMN Naturgas and Danish Gas Distribution in an article 1st of February 2018 in  The future energy policy is currently being heavily debated since a new energy resolution is expected in the early summer of 2018. And here the three strong gas stakeholders urge the politicians to apply a holistic approach and let green gas play a major role – together with other green, zero-emission solutions – to create an optimal energy system based on renewables.

Wind and solar power have many advantages, but it will be a big risk building an entire energy system on these sources dependent on proper weather conditions. The gas system can offer a security of supply and flexibility to this since gas can be stored.

During the last couple of years, the gas system has undergone massive changes. By switching from nature gas to green gasses, Denmark have become the European country with the largest share of biogas in the gas net. We should work to reinforce this position of strength – not phasing out gas.


Read the entire article here (in Danish)

Nature Energy NGF, HMN Naturgas and Danish Gas Distribution are all consortium members in the FutureGas project. Learn more on them here.

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