December 6, 2017

DTU Management Engineering

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Management Engineering
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Poul Erik Morthorst, DTU Management Engineering
– My role in the FutureGas project is to – actually my role in Future Gas is twofold: First of all I am the overall project-leader ensuring that the project is developing in accordance with the agreement with Innovation Fund Denmark. Secondly I am leader of work package 6 and 7, the first one looking at regulation of gas in the context of the total energy system, the second one aiming at generating scenarios for gas in the energy system.
– The thing I’m looking forward to the most is a close collaboration with all the industrial partners ensuring that we get some excellent results both for society, research and companies.
– Electric or gas stove? Neither – hopefully we can help increase the use of gas in industry and transport.

Marie Münster, DTU Management Engineering
– My role in the FutureGas project is to help coordinate the project as vice project manager and as WP lead on the integrated modelling, which relies on input from the other WPs
– The thing I’m looking forward to the most is cooperating with all the interesting partners and learning what the role of the gas system could be in the future
– Electric or gas stove? I have an electric stove

David Pisinger, DTU Management Engineering
– My role in the FutureGas project is to lead work package 5. The focus of this work package is to develop mathematical models that can support the other work packages, in particular work package 4. In order to do this, we will need some interesting test cases from the other activities in FutureGas that we can work on. I also hope that the work package will be able to contribute to some methodology development that can be used in coming research projects. I will be supervising one PhD student related to WP5.
 I’m looking forward to work closely with the partners, and to solve some challenging problems. It is probably not going to be easy, but currently I am optimistic.
– Electric or gas stove? Definitely electric stove.

Frauke Wiese, DTU Management Engineering
– My role in the FutureGas project is to get all the knowledge from the project partners sorted so that we can model the role of gas in an integrated energy system model. I work mainly in WP 4 – the modeling crew.
– The thing I’m looking most forward to is steadily gaining knowledge about the role of renewable gas and contributing to shaping the pathways to sustainable energy systems.
– Electric or gas stove? I now have an electric stove but actually use my gas camping cooker for the coffee in the morning because it is so much faster.

Stefanie Buchholz, DTU Management
– My role in the FutureGas project is to contribute with improved mathematical modelling of the energy systems. Through analysis of the mathematical problems connected to modelling of large integrated systems I will develop solutions to handle the large numbers of variables and equations imposed in large energy system models. This work will act as a support function to the rest of the FutureGas project. My success criteria is to provide a toolbox for WP4 containing developed methods for future projects, guidelines for solving energy models as Balmorel/Sifre and methods/guidelines on how to handle uncertainty. Also automation/semi-automation methods for aggregation and solution methods for solving energy models with logic constraints without solving-times getting too large.
– The thing I’m looking most forward to is to contribute to real life problems and provide methods which create actual value. Also, getting the opportunity to use all my knowledge and to achieve new knowledge and by that evolve my professional profile, and to get a new and great network.
– Electric or gas stove? At home I have an electric stove, but I like the idea of a gas stove.

Rasmus Bramstoft, DTU Management
– My role in the FutureGas project is to be the Ph.D. student in work package 4 (WP4) which will mean working on modelling of the gas system as an integrated part of the future energy system. I will contribute both to the development of a novel modelling framework comprising the total energy system, and to implement this framework in the existing energy system optimization model, Balmorel. I will conduct analyses with the improved Balmorel model which will provide cost-efficient solutions and allow assessments of the value of different parts of the gas system as an integrated part of the overall energy system.
– The thing I’m looking most forward to is to develop a novel modelling framework for the gas system as an integrated part of the energy system in close cooperation with the industry partners. – Electric or gas stove? Electric