Workshop on methane emissions

On October 22nd the FutureGas  project hosted a workshop on sustainability and methane emissions.

You can find presentations from the day here. Please note that many of them will be in Danish:


Introduction by Marie Münster, DTU

Drivhusgasemissioner fra NG motorer til vejtransport by Jesper Schramm, DTU

Tab af metan fra transmission og distribution by Per G. Kristensen, DGC

Biogassens klimaeffekt by Torben Kvist, DGC

Methane Slip Emissions from Ships by Sergey Ushakov, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

UHC emission from gas engines, gas turbines, heat pumps and boilers by Jan de Wit and Jean Schweitzer, DGC


For further questions please contact project manager Marie Münster at or work package leader Torben Kvist at



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